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CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE! (\o\ /o/ \o\)

"hey doods, where'd you get your jeans at?"

So as most of my picspams start out, I was scouring flickr, photobucket, etc. in search of pictures that I can either a) icon, b) pass the time with or - in this case - c) use for a picspam I am preparing for starlesscities that is filled with Ryan's hippie-hair loveliness. BUT!

In my search, I stumbled upon a few picture which halted my progress because, wait- Ryan Ross has an ass? It can't be! Well, he does, and while Ryan's is no where near as ~*fabulous*~ as Brendon's, it's still pretty worthy of a completely self-indulgent picspam objectifying it.


it had to start somewhere, right? why not at the beginning,
back when he was still just a bb, camwhoring it up for livejournal...

unaware that one day these pictures would haunt him forever.

while some of the images that came from this sleepover scare me, at the same time DAT ASS.

ah, classic. no only does his ass look glorious, take a fucking gander at those legs.

when you're in black slacks with accentuating off white pinstripes (whoa!)

everything goes:

asdfjaiofpfjafuapo;lajdas8f49pasudflkajs!!!! *_____*


aside from his gay!hippie!cowboy era, this was my favorite outfit he wore on stage. nnnnghhhhh!!

i mean really.

as you can see, brendon is tempted to grab it.

this tour. those pants. that ass. dead.
also haiiii spencer's lower back!

look hard, it's elusive

even in those horrid pants...


i just- ass and arms and tattoos! fuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

i would now like to make sure everyone is aware of the fact that ryan's backpack is
practically RESTING ON HIS ASS.

in conclusion: ryan's ass ftw! \o/
Tags: ass, picspam, ryan ross, what is my life
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